• Complete control over Accents
    • Choose between 4 different instruments
    • 8th, triplet, and 16th note sub-divisions
  • Configure any time signature!
    • Takes any number of beats per measure, for your odd meters
    • Configure a beat value from a whole note to a 32nd note!
    • You can even change the tempo marking! (ex: dotted quarter = tempo)
  • Quick save buttons to store your most common tempos
  • Continuous playback even when changing the settings

Looking into the Future

We want musicians to take their sessions to the next level and double their efficiency through programmability. No need to stop and reset your metronome on meter changes, this will be an issue of the past!

Some features to expect in Ver 2:

  • Program your entire piece or solo into the app
  • Simple, easy, efficient input menus
  • Rehearse specific sections, or the entire piece
  • Share your programs on the cloud for re-use!
  • Accelerandos, Ritardandos, what else can we add?

About the project

This project was originally inspired by the tried and true Dr. Beat metronome. This is a very robust metronome that can literally do anything you throw at it. However, a colleague of mine expressed how repetitive and time consuming the process of programming it is.

Thus the project Musicians Aide was born! The goal right out of the gate is to make this metronome the most efficient practice tool on the market! This starts right down to the first version. Not only will version 1 be completely free (plus Ad free), it hopefully will also rival other paid apps out on the market right now!

The next goal is to try to capture the essence of the Dr. Beat into a simpler and easy to use metronome app. We will tackle the challenge of making complete programmability in as little user actions as possible, and including enough features to double your productivity in the practice room!

Available now on the Google Play Store!

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